Five Popular Card Games


Scholars believe that playing cards were first invented in China during the time of the Tang dynasty in the 9th century.

At this time, there were two types of cards – a cheaper variety, made of coarse pasteboard or the more expensive polished tablets, fashioned from ebony and ivory. The earliest documented card games were the ancient Chinese gambling games called yu-p’u (slips) and yeh-tza (leaves).

Millions of people across the world now enjoy card games, from competitive poker with life-changing prize money to a simple, cosy night in with friends and family playing for fun.


  1. Solitaire

This game can be played by one person using a standard 52-card deck. Jokers aren’t used in solitaire. It’s easy to play, involving a little skill, strategy and luck. Deal 28 cards from the deck into seven piles and place the remaining cards in the top left-hand corner of the table – this is the draw pile. The rules are very simple: the game is played by arranging the cards in sequence, building up each foundation in suit from the ace to the king. If you can build the whole pack in foundations, you’ve won.


  1. Gin Rummy

All the players are dealt 10 cards each and must make combinations and runs by eliminating useless cards. The aim is to make a set of three cards with same rank or a set of four cards in sequence of the same suit. The players can either pick a card off the unused piles or from the last card played. One card is discarded to maintain a set of 10 cards. The useless cards are known as “deadwood” and add up as points in your hand. The aim is to have no deadwood points.


  1. Bridge

Bridge is a popular but complex card game, played by four players in two competing teams. It is played at world tournaments, as well as just for fun. It is slightly more complicated for beginners than many other card games, as it involves bidding and playing. The aim is to win “tricks” for your team – a trick being four cards – one from each player in turn, going clockwise round the table. Players can win 13 tricks on each deal. The winner is decided depending on the denomination and colour of the cards in the trick.


  1. Texas Hold ’em:

Texas Hold ‘em is a variant of poker and involves betting. The player with the best card combination wins all of the money in the betting pot. Players have the chance to bet four times and it normally involves nine or 10 players at the table. In a betting round players can choose to fold, leaving the current round; bet by placing chips in the pot; raise a bet; call; or check. Much of it is based on bluffing, hence the expression, “poker face” as you try not to give anything away. Finally, it comes to the showdown, when you find out which player has the best hand.


Texas Hold Em Poker


  1. Top Trumps

Top Trumps is played with specially-designed, personalised playing cards and not a traditional deck. Any number of people can play. A pack of Top Trumps can have any theme – such as horror films, sports cars, superheroes or personally designed with each player’s photo and some personal details through the website- a great ice-breaker at parties. The aim is to end up with all the cards at the end, based on categories from each card. For example, horror characters’ fear factor or strength rating out of 100 can be a category and the player with the highest value wins the round and collects all the top cards.

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