Package Printing: Things to Consider


When you’re ready to think about packaging for your product, it’s important to consider everything that is required to create the ultimate design. As one of the most visible parts of your product’s identity, the correct packaging sets the tone for your brand.

The Basics

First, bear in mind your budget; packaging comes in many different materials, shapes and sizes, so cost will be a deciding factor in your final decision. Consider where your product is going to be displayed and then decide whether the material you’re considering is durable enough.


Branding Strategy

It is important to carry out some directional planning in terms of your brand and the elements that must be included in your design. Corporate branding needs to build brand trust through product recognition – the company name is usually a prominent design feature.

With the goal of every company being its future growth, you should also consider whether your packaging will be flexible enough if your line increases – accommodating different shapes, sizes and packaging styles. A good design will take expansion into account from the onset.



Designing the right packaging and determining the intricacies of how everything fits together with the imagery can be daunting.  LEFA Print can offer a range of blank packaging NETs that customers can customise, add artwork to or alter according to their needs.  Alternatively, we have a full design service that can put together your packing item from scratch. When the design is completed, our range of machines allow you to prototype the finished item, so you can be sure it’s fit for purpose – you can even present options to a design



Consider the production period, making sure you leave enough time for your packaging to be produced comfortably, before the launch of your product.

Whether you’re a business owner unveiling a new product or if you specifically wanted to mark a special occasion, high-quality design and printing services play a crucial role in business promotion. Well-designed and printed packaging, labels, cards, flyers and brochures that herald your product or event will create the professional image that all businesses are aspiring to achieve.



The colours, typography and material all play a pivotal role: if you’ve got it right, they will produce an outcome that is in line with your exact requirements – while remaining on budget. It’s not just about coming up with an idea that you think will look good. It’s about discussing your ideas; it’s about tailoring them until the design has optimum impact. Careful planning is required to ensure the end results are appealing – everything must come together to create an assured reflection of the brand/product.

Package Printing

Lefa Print uses an ESKO table to print, cut and crease packaging – the CAD cutter’s wide range of tools offers flexibility, speed and reliability to effectively handle a wide variety of materials. This enables us to create printed packaging to meet bespoke needs.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a friendly chat. Our team of experts will be happy to talk you through your options… together, we can produce a packaging solution that speaks volumes about the prestige of your products.

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