Telescope Cards


Socially driven print partnership.

Telescope Cards are the brainchild of Basil Safwat and James Crouch, co-founders of London based development company Minified. The cards are a personalised tourist guide, scraping the Foursquare database to find venues, attractions and places suited to your interest in any location in the world.

Minified developed the production engine themselves which scrapes Foursquare for lists of places, pulls the open source map location data and visualises it using Adobe Illustrator. These maps are then composited into a branded Adobe InDesign document, exported to a print-ready PDF and automatically sent via sFTP to LEFA Print. The service is also available without Foursquare integration, so if you’re not an avid user you can still get a deck of Telescope Cards.

Once these files arrive on our sFTP they are downloaded into our digital print production workflow and printed on our new iGen 4 Diamond. The flat sheets are then matt-laminated, trimmed and round cornered in-house to achieve the finished product. Wrapped with brightly coloured elastic band they are packaged and mailed to the end user.

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To order a deck of Telescope Cards head on over to their website and keep up with them on Twitter.

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