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  • Solitaire

    Five Popular Card Games

    Scholars believe that playing cards were first invented in China during the time of the Tang dynasty in the 9th century. At this time, there were two types of cards […]

  • Johannes Gutenberg

    Johannes Gutenberg

    Johannes Gutenberg was the inventor who introduced printing to Europe in the 15th century. His achievement has since been recognised as the most important invention of the millennium. Gutenberg’s mechanical […]

  • telescope1

    Telescope Cards

    Case Study of our print partnership with Minified and their new venture Telescope Cards.

  • LEFA Print Christmas Card

    LEFA Print’s Christmas Card Design

    A look at LEFA Print’s 2011 Christmas Card design produced by Alex Stow. A strikingly stylised representation of Father Christmas in his original green attire created using Adobe Illustrator and printed on our premium card stock.